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About (OLD)

At Sunberry Box we thoughtfully curate gifts for your mother, grandmother, or loved one, but most importantly we tuck in your personal photos and message. Our boxes are unique every month and all gifts are suited for elderhood at home, in a retirement community, or a nursing home.

Picture your mother, grandmother, nanny or great-nanny. She’s in her 70’s, 80s, even 90s. Imagine she goes to her door and there is a box waiting for her. The delivery is a total surprise. She opens the box to discover delightful items, an activity to enjoy, and something personal. Her heart soars to receive photos and a personal note from you! 

Our vision is for joyful days at every age. We are committed to promoting elderhood as a time that should be respected, appreciated, supported, and meaningful. Our monthly subscription allows you stay connected while helping combat the loneliness that often accompanies aging. Our elders have done so much for us. We’re here to make it easy for you to love them back.