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An exclusive gift for mothers & grandmothers

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What people love about Sunberry Box

Staying Connected
By including your photos and personal message your mother or grandmother will feel connected with you no matter the distance. The items in our boxes are also great conversation starters when you chat on the phone or visit in person.
Aging Well
With an activity in every box you can help your mother or grandmother stay active, discover new hobbies and keep her mind sharp. Meaningful activities have been proven to support brain health and aging well.
Showing Gratitude
No doubt your mother or grandmother has given so much to your family. Sending her a monthly gift will make her feel appreciated while you will also experience the joy of showing gratitude.

What's in the box?

A themed collection of 3-5 unique items each month + your personal photos and message

Sunberry Box maintains impeccable standards and a commitment to including at least one hand-crafted Canadian-made item in every box. We actively seek out and support incredible, women-forward businesses across the Country. Here are the types of items we feature...

Delightful Items
Beautiful selections in jewelry, accessories, stationery, and bath & body.
Simple Pleasures
Tasty treats like cookies, chocolates, tea, coffee, honey, or jams.
An Activity to Enjoy
Puzzles, games, brainteazers, art & crafting projects and more.
Ease in Daily Living
Products & gadgets that make life a little easier or convenient.
Your Personal Touch
Your photos and message are the heart of our box!