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Winter Ease - Sunberry Box

One-time purchase featuring...

Internet Address & Password Book - Ever have to help your loved one with the internet or their device? This book will allow her to record the websites she loves to visit, along with all those usernames and passwords you need to help within technology hiccups. Pages are tabbed A -to-Z for easy reference, there ample space for entries on each page, and a spot to record home network settings. 

Slim Pen - The 
Bobino Slim Pen is only 1/8 inch thick and stays inside your notebook. You can easily remove or reattach to a docking tab inside the front or back of your notebook. Perfect to attach to the Internet Address & Password Book! 

Handmade Key Fob - Made in Kitchener, Ontario by Natasha Kibbe of 
Walk in the Bark these looped fabric keychains make it so much easier to find your keys and come in an elegant "golden mountain" design. 

Key Clip - To make things even easier we have included the 
Bobino Key Clip which attaches to the inside of your purse to clip your keys to. No more digging at the bottom of your bag!

Crunchy Stress Ball - When you squeeze this ball it feels just like crunching through fresh snow! This crunchy stress ball provides a fun tactile experience that is sure to conjure up wintertime memories of playing in the snow. Stress balls also improve hand strength, circulation and mood!