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Story (OLD)

I am passionate about multi-generational relationships.

We are lucky to live in the same city as four grandparents…Poppy, GG, Nanny and Grampie are enrich of lives daily.

My husband’s grandmother lived to 106! This meant our young children had the rare opportunity to form meaningful memories with their Great-Nanny.

However, my journey started with my relationships with my own grandparents, especially my Grandma Shreenan. It was her most challenging years that impacted me the most. I remember the ginger snaps she made and the mittens she knitted when I was young. However, I cherish the stories of her own childhood when her dementia progressed making these reflections the easiest of conversations. I was privileged to hold her hand when she passed away three days before our wedding. This time in my early adulthood had a lasting impact.

It led me to eldercare where I have benefited from many more meaningful relationships with older adults. I have seen first hand how every touch point affects quality of life. We all know this to be true, and we easily become saddened by the notion of dying alone, but I believe we should be much more concerned with living, not alone, but lonely.

The idea for Sunberry Box was born out of a desire to combat the plagues of aging well…loneliness and isolation. We want to foster connection through generations, make it easy for you to express appreciation for the years of care and love received, and share thoughtful and useful surprises that support aging well.  

Wishing JOY to you and those you love!

Aimée Foreman | Founder | Sunberry Box